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My name is Federica and I’m a game localization specialist. Here I help developers and publishers find their way to the land of pizza, pasta, art and moustached jumping plumbers… Or, to put it simply, I translate games from English to Italian.
I’ve been a gamer all my life (since I was barely able to play with my brother’s Spectrum), and I’ve been localizing games for about 7 years now. In 2016 and 2017 I was honored to receive 3 Best Pro awards for winning LocJAM3 and LocJAM4, the international game localization contests organized by the IGDA Localization SIG.
If you’re a developer or publisher who need to localize their game in Italian, a localization company looking for EN>IT linguists or a fellow translator who needs help with a project, I’d be happy to hear from you and discuss a potential collaboration.
Let’s bring game localization to the next level!

A few stats

Native Italian speaker

7 years localization experience

30 years gaming experience

2 international game loc contests won

2+ million words translated/proofread

600+ review hours performed

250+ projects handled

Some of my projects

What people are saying

"Even the Italian translation of the texts is excellent, and I cannot but applaud the translation choices regarding the names of places, which were able to preserve the meanings of each name and location."
"You may have noticed it by now, but so far we've talked about Nidosacro and Pulveria: this means that yes, even on Nintendo Switch, Hollow Knight brings with it an excellent translation of its texts, and is therefore available in Italian."
"The simple but effective accompaniment offered by the soundrack is also excellent, and so are the dubbing (only in English) and the Italian localization."

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Please note: I’m not an agency, so job applications cannot be considered.